Our Global Travel Solution for the Business Traveller

For Australian Travellers



As a shareholder of the RADIUS travel network, one of the world’s top 5 travel management companies, we provide “branch service” in over 80 countries, with full traveller support services plus the benefit of effective policy compliance and reporting.

What makes RADIUS a superior choice for travel management is their progressive business model. RADIUS was one of the first travel solutions in the world to recognise the value of genuine, local resources allied with global suppliers and technology providers. The result is unparalleled local service data reporting with clear business insights and negotiated savings on best-in-class products.  That’s how RADIUS delivers outstanding value and savings to the corporate traveller and multinational companies every day.

Partner with MP Travel and RADIUS and you’ll ensure that every customer is directly supported from a local office in real-time and in the language they need.

The unique strength of RADIUS lies in its ownership structure. Each of the 90 agencies is individually invested in the collective success of the network. Most agencies are among the top ten leaders in their national markets, ensuring a powerful and expert local presence that supports extensive global coverage.

RADIUS stands apart as a leading travel management company service provider through:

  • Local service fulfillment with centralized quality control

  • Integrated local and multinational account management.

  • Competitive local pricing.

  • Flexible service configuration in each country and region backed by global service level agreement guarantees.

  • Leading online technology solutions; consolidated management information and reporting at local and multinational levels.

  • Fully integrated worldwide client management teams, keeping overheads low and flexibility high.

  • One of the largest, most flexible hotel programs in the industry.

RADIUS is positioned to bring superior solutions to corporations through local market knowledge and global buying power. Maximum value for corporate clients is ensured through comprehensive data analysis, benchmarking products, strong vendor relations and outstanding account service. Visit the RADIUS website to find out more about this global travel solution.